Budget & Order On Line

Through this page you can order wood and panels you need, in the measures you wish, for your Do it Yourself construction. This refers to rif and pine  and panels of plywood, mdf, osb etc.

Prices included in the form below are indicative but not far from real prices. Final prices depend on quantities, quality of products and the degree of needed processing and will be sent to you in our offer and after of any eventual clarifications.

For the rest of our products you may proceed your order through our E-shop pages. 

Fill the form according the instructions below:

This form refers only to wood products priced in m3 and ususaly are sold in fixed dimensions, such as white and red timber, plywood, mdf, osb etc.

To avoid wrong calculatons,  dimensions are entered in millimeters (mm).


  • 50 mm = 50 
  • 10 cm = 100 
  • 1 m = 1000 

Select the kind of wood you wish and fill the fields of dimensions.

This is a simple way to get an estimation of the cost by product and the total cost of your construction.

Prices influded in the form are indicative but not far frome the real ones. Final prices depend on quantities ordered, the qualtiy of products and the degree of needed processing and will be sent to you in our offer, after any eventual clarivications.

In any case, filling the form you have a first estimation of the cost  of your construction. 

If after budgeting you wish to proceed with the order, just answer “yes”  in the question “Do you want to proceed with your order?”

Fill in the form the fields with you personal and contact information in order to facilitate us to contact ou for eventual clarification. Some fields are obligatory.

If you act on behalf of a company, please enter in the relative fields the exact name of the firm, the VAT number, the postal and delivery address and a telephone number for eventual communication.  

Haging finished filling the form, click on the “Submit” button. 

In a few seconds you will receive an e-mail confirmation that your order has been received.

Having completed and submitted the form you will receive a mail confifmation that order has been received.

On our side, we will check your order and we will contact you for claricications either by phone or by e-mail.

After that, we will send you by e-mail our final offer and estimated time for delivery. 

If you don’t receive an immediate e-mail confirmation, please contact us either by email or by phone at phone numbers and in the hours that our company is open as referred in the “Contac us…” page. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us either using our Contact form or by phone at our phone numbers and during the working hours of our company, referred in our “Contact us…” page.